Introduction to Virtualization


Introduction to Virtualization


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This course is conducted through experienced technical experts of leading global companies who will prepare the student on what it takes to becoming a successful virtualization engineer. We also give live projects and interview coaching that will help for all the employers.

Course is an instructor led training –  including preparing necessary documentation as a business analyst for a live project.

Online Multiple Choice Questions exam for each Module. 10 questions per module. Pass rate of 50 percent is required

Certificate will be provided by British Accredited Council accredited institution which is internationally recognised


About This Course:

Virtual machines allow a computer to run multiple operating systems simultaneously, letting you partition servers to isolate applications, improve portability and migration, or create entire testing labs within a single PC. Virtualizing the infrastructure offers tremendous opportunity to reduce total cost of ownership and improve disaster recovery. However, implementing an optimal configuration requires a thorough knowledge of the technology along with practical experience In this course, you gain the skills needed to install, configure and manage virtual servers and workstations.

  • Manage VMware and Microsoft Virtual Machine (VM) technologies
  • Leverage VMs to build testing, support and training environments
  • Partition physical servers to decrease operating costs
  • Migrate from physical to virtual machines
  • Manage VMs on VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Increase service availability through hot migrations
  • Introduction to Desktop Virtualization
  • Why you need desktop virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization vs Terminal Server
  • Citrix Desktop Virtualization Solutions

Who can apply for this course?

  • Undergraduates/Post Graduates
  • Anyone interested in Virtualization (Server & Desktop)


  • Basic IT & Networking Knowledge