UK Short Term Study Tour


UK Short Term Study Tour


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Eligibility Criteria : Age 10 to 22 years

Students who have desire to attend to Oxford university and Cambridge University** to experience study abroad,and to know how the UK high level educational system on the top of the world going, and to gain the knowledge about the British culture and cultivate aristocratism. This is a two weeks study tour. All inclusive. Flight Ticket, Visa, Airport Pick and Drop, Food, Accomodation, Guided Tour, Travel within London, Training cost.

why we recommmend:

* To experience the lifestyle of studying abroad in Oxford Univeristy and Cambridge University
*To contact with the professor from Oxford and Cambridge University in person
*To Taste Classic Tea time, trying the equestrianism

** Please note that where Oxford university or Cambridge University is mentioned, depending on the season or other circumstances it will be to Oxford University and Cambridge University or equivalent Universities.

Day 1
Flight to London, and go back to hotel and take a rest.

Day 2
London Tour
Visit Buckingham Palace to see changing the guide and visit St. James’s Park, Horse Guards Parade, 10 Downing Street, Big Ben, Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament), Westminster Abbey and have amazing amphibious adventure with the Duck which is famous in England.

Day 3
exploration in one of the top three museums: British Museum
Oxford street, Regent Street
Group time

Day 4
﹝Tour out of London﹞
visit Windsor Castle where built 900 years ago, where the Queen lived.
And trip to Oxford to pick up the host family

Day 5
In Oxford- interactive English programme 1: English interview skill teaching and practice
Oxford city tour with foreign mentor and visit Oxford University Museum of Natural History and PittRiver Museum

Day 6
In Oxford- interactive English programme 2:English conversation skill teaching and pratice
tour with foreign mentor to visit Christ Church Cathedral and Christ Church where famously feature in many of the early Harry Potter films

Day 7
﹝Bath Tour- an Roman City﹞
Bath is the only one city was marked world heritage city.
Visit Roman Baths, Royal Crescent, Jane Austen’s House Museum

Day 8
﹝Stratford-upon-Avon tour﹞
visit Stratford where Shakespeare’s hometown and visit Shakespeare’s Birthplace. To go shopping and experience the trade culture in Bicester Village

Day 9
In Oxford: experience the engineering course and a lecture with students from Oxford University
treasure hunting game with foreign mentor

Day 10
﹝Trip to Cambridge University** and live in the Student accommodation﹞
British Culture Lesson1:British history and United kingdom
Cambridge city tour with foreign mentor and visit sailing the River Cam. Exploration in the Cavendish Laboratory
British Culture Lesson2: British dinning culture and table manners hosted by Michelin star chefs

Day 11
British Culture Lesson3,4:British traditional and modern society / British education system
King’s College, Cambridge tour with foreign mentor and then have a traitional English afternoon tea
Lecture with Cambridge students: Life and Study in Cambridge University**

Day 12
British Culture Lesson 5, 6:English literature/British imperial family
Cambridge city tour with foreign mentor and visit Fitzwilliam Museum
Dinner in the historic banquet hall in Cambridge University** and presented the certification.

Day 13
Transfer to Airport, and back to Home country

Day 14
Arrived in Home Country